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Jun 22, 2017

11 Retail Experts Reveal Which Tech Will Drive Shopping Experiences

In the past few years, retail has been heavily disrupted by the integration of information technologies. Yet, a report by the World Economic Forum and Accenture predicts that the retail landscape is going to change more in the next 10 years than it has done in the past 40 years.

Consumer needs are evolving, with a growing demand for meaningful experiences and easily accessible, transparent information about price and quality anywhere, anytime.

Retail experiences are going through a revival as both brick-and-mortar stores and eCommerce sites adopt advanced tech that is responding to these needs and transform the customer journey.

Jun 9, 2017

Virtual vs. Augmented Reality Experiences in Retail

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have been gaining traction in the retail landscape, increasingly attracting marketing spend. According to Digi-Capital, by 2021 the AR and VR market will reach $108 billion in revenue, bringing in $83 billion and $25 billion respectively. Within that market, as IDC predicts it, retail will become the No. 1 industry for AR/VR spending.

They are both two points of the same spectrum and aim to add similar value in retail, providing personalized and engaging experiences. While AR consists in overlaying digital content upon the real world, enriching it with interactivity, VR immerses users into an alternate reality, completely disconnected from the actual world.

May 18, 2017

A Guide to Visual Shopping Solutions for Retailers

As customers become technologically savvy and start expecting more from brands and retailers, these need to step up in order to meet their needs. This involves embracing shifting consumer trends and keeping up with the latest tech. Whether in-store, online or omnichannel, visual shopping can help retailers make shopping experiences smooth, personal and engaging.

Our new whitepaper ‘Visual Shopping Solutions for Retailers’ goes through the main challenges the retail industry is facing in 2017, providing solutions that employ Image Recognition, Augmented Reality and Fashion-specific Artificial Intelligence.

Apr 7, 2017

How to Fight Webrooming in Retail: From Augmented Reality to Artificial Intelligence

In a previous post, we talked about how to combat “showrooming” ‒ a consumer trend that 46% of shoppers engage in and means  researching products in-store and buying them online. “Webrooming”, however, has become much more common  over the past few years, with 69% of shoppers taking part in it. Also known as ‘reverse showrooming’, it refers to the process of starting to browse  products online, but eventually completing the purchase in-store.

Mar 31, 2017

Augmented Reality Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is almost here, and everyone loves Easter Egg Hunts! This year, however, you can make it even better. We’re talking about a virtual egg hunt!

After the success of Pokemon Go!, virtual scavenger hunts have been taking off around the world. For this piece, we decided to collect the best Augmented Reality “egg hunts” and then give a few tips on how to make your own with CraftAR.

Mar 27, 2017

How to Combat Showrooming in Retail with Image Recognition and Augmented Reality

Showrooming and webrooming are both big consumer trends that are changing the retail landscape, as alternative channels of purchase proliferate. The first one refers to checking out a product in-store and then buying it online, such as on eCommerce sites like Amazon, for a better price. The latter is the opposite; it’s about researching products online and then heading to a store to complete the purchase.

According to a Harris poll, 46% engage in showrooming. That means that almost half of in-store visitors leave the premises without buying on the spot. That is a huge revenue loss for both online and offline retail sectors.

Mar 16, 2017

12 Top Product Scanner Apps

Product scanner apps have played a major role in m-commerce during the last few years. They allow users to engage and interact with products, catalogs, print ads or in-store signage seamlessly, providing them with valuable content and experiences in milliseconds, with no need for QR codes or special print markers.

Mar 6, 2017

Augmented Reality: Marketing to Millennials

Millennials are one of the largest demographic segments of our planet. In the US alone, they account for almost 80 million citizens and they spend an average of $600 billion per year. They are the first truly digital generation and differ greatly from the average consumer.

They respond differently to marketing and mistrust traditional advertising. Companies must, therefore, address this change in values and shopping habits if they want to reach out to these young, digitally native consumers.

Feb 20, 2017

A Step-by-Step Guide to Augmented Reality for Retailers

Brands and retailers find it increasingly hard to follow their potential customers through their decision-making journey, as it expands way beyond the stores and into people’s lives. Every moment the brand is contact with a consumer - every touchpoint - counts, and it might be critical to the purchase decision.

Technologies such as Augmented Reality and Image Recognition can enhance the customer experience and optimize the decision making journeys, by leveraging on emotional engagement and customer education.

This guide will show you how to implement this tech in each different step of the customer journey to create meaningful touchpoints that generate an emotional connection and reinforce the value of customer relationships with every interaction.

Jan 27, 2017

Valentine's Day Campaigns with Augmented Reality and Lots of Love

With February around the corner, we decided to take a look at how Augmented Reality can spice up this long-established holiday that is Valentine's Day.

From sending virtual love messages to having a virtual person bring you virtual flowers, Augmented Reality tech can be leveraged in many ways to create engaging campaigns for this celebration, whether you have someone to share it with or not.

Here’s a list of our most beloved AR Valentine’s campaigns, in chronological order.

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