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Apr 21, 2016

New CraftAR Cordova Plugins for Image Recognition & Augmented Reality

Posted by Catchoom Team

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Almost one year has passed since we launched our first plugins for easy cross-platform mobile development. That time, we only had a plugin for our Augmented Reality SDK. We're excited to announce that we now offer Cordova plugins for all our SDKs, including Cloud Image Recognition and On-Device Image Recognition  and Augmented Reality, of course. 

Imagine that you only need to develop your Image Recognition and Augmented Reality native app once for both iOS and Android. Now, that's exactly what our CraftAR Cordova plugins are here for – and they are free to use while you develop. 

Download Cloud Image Recognition Plugin Download  On-Device Image Recognition Plugin Download  Augmented Reality Plugin

Fast cross-platform app development with CraftAR Image Recognition & AR inside

Over the last few years, we've seen an increasing interest from people looking to find efficient ways of developing Image Recognition & Augmented Reality apps for different mobile platforms, such as iOS and Android. 

Our CraftAR Cordova plugins sit inside your app to perform all the magic and make your job easier:

  • Integrate the power of Image Recognition & Augmented Reality capabilities into your apps with the CraftAR SDKs.

  • Develop your native app for iOS and Android at once inside the Apache™ Cordova framework. We support Cordova 6.

  • Create cross-platform apps using web technologies like JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

  • With our high-level API, you can save development time and focus on the content and interaction for your users.

For your convenience, we've bundled up all the tools you'll need, including the necessary JavaScript and the respective CraftAR SDKs for Image Recognition & AR. You can pop out iOS and Android apps in no time. 


Who are the new CraftAR Cordova plugins best suited for?

Our plugins are best suited for developers who are familiar with cross-platform development environments such as Cordova or PhoneGap.

You haven't had much experience with these frameworks, yet you have some native app development skills or such team members on board? No problem: we encourage you to check out the full stack of our native SDKs, API and libraries for Image Recognition and Augmented Reality for iOS, Android, and JavaScript. 

CraftAR plugin for Cloud Image Recognition projects in Cordova

Catchoom-Image-Recognition-Print-Tech.jpgCloud Image Recognition is a wonderful technology that you can use in your apps to let your users 'scan' images, photos or products.

You can then lead the person to a website, online store or any kind of hyperlinked interactive content to learn more, play or even purchase the products.



Now you can use our plugin to build for iOS and Android at once in the Cordova framework, with our Cloud Image Recognition software inside your apps. Read more in our related documentation page.  

Download Cloud Image Recognition Plugin


Plugin for On-Device Image Recognition projects in Cordova

In-Car-Image-Recognition-wide-800px.pngWhile Cloud Image Recognition requires internet connection in order to provide the user with virtual experiences, On-Device Image Recognition is a great choice when it is important for your app to be able to work offline. (For instance, while your user is on the road or abroad.)


Use our Cordova plugin for easy cross-platform development to put On-Device Image Recognition inside your apps. Again, please see the Documentation page for our CraftAR On-Device Image Recognition Cordova plugin for more details.

Download  On-Device Image Recognition Plugin


Your CraftAR plugin for Augmented Reality projects in Cordova

CraftAR_PromoImage-1024x692.pngWhile Image Recognition is exciting enough on its own, adding Augmented Reality experiences on top can make your users hearts beat even faster.  

You can make your images come alive by adding videos, models, games or interactive content on top.



Visit our CraftAR Augmented Reality Cordova plugin Documentation page for more details.

Download  Augmented Reality Plugin


We hope you will enjoy working with the plugins. Don't hesitate to reach out to us with your questions and comments or share your best projects created with CraftAR Image Recognition & Augmented Reality.

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